Northern Lights Photos

Photos of the Northern Lights, or Aurora borealis. Photos of the northern lights over Mt. Denali, Denali Park, Northern lights pictures over Mentasta Mountains in Wrangell St. Elias Park. Stock photos of the northern lights in the Brooks Range and Gates of the Arctic National Park, Aurora borealis images over the Arctic Ocean, Alaska.

A sample from my portfolio of stock photos of aurora borealis. See my stock photo section of the website for a complete array of several hundred Aurora borealis photos.

You’ll also find another select group of Alaska aurora borealis photos from Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Katmai National Park, Denali National Park, as well as arctic and subarctic Alaska. An array of Aurora borealis photos from spring, winter and fall.

The aurora borealis, or northern lights, are a mystical, magical phenomenon like no other.

These often amazing light shows occur when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. The solar winds, traveling at speeds up to 1 million miles per hour can reach earth’s atmosphere less than 40 hours after their journey from the sun begins. Here they follow patterns and lines that are a function of the earth’s magnetic force, generated by the earth’s core and flow through an area of highly charged electrical and magnetically fields known as earth’s magnetosphere.

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