Polar Bear Photo Tour

Polar Bears. Playful. Powerful. Photogenic.

Arctic Alaska is home to many creatures we all love to see and to photograph, but perhaps no other animal quite encapsulates the region like the great Polar bear; Ursus maritimus; Nanuq (or Nanook).

We’ll spend 6 nights in a small native island community, at the very northern edges of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, with 5 full days and another half day focusing on photographing the magnificent polar bears that gather here late in the fall.

Rather than just 2 or maybe 3 days with the bears like most other arctic Alaska polar bear photo tours, we spend the entire week focused on getting the very best polar bear photos we can. For the most part, that means giving ourselves as much time as possible.

To do that we’ll spend all week on the island, looking for optimal conditions. Good light, no wind, and active and energetic polar bears! Watch the video below to see a small sample of the kind of opportunities available: