Trumpeter swan, Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

Trumpeter swan on pond, and reflection, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Continuing with the bird theme again, here’s a trumpeter swan I found on my recent travels. The trumpeters were the first birds I saw back in the park as spring began, 2 of them actually swimming on the Kennecott River as it first opened up. Once the river is ice free, it becomes a silty chocolate brown color, and quite a raging river, the last place a swan might frolic. But early on, as the first ice melts back, the water is a deep aqua blue, clear and cold, and not as torrential as it becomes in the summertime, once the glacial melt increases. So I was kinda surprised to see trumpeter swans there early on. Then I saw them on the ice, from where I posted a photo or 2 a month back. Now the ponds are all open and the swans grace their way along the surface (I know, ‘grace’ isn’t a verb, but it sounds nice). They’re definitely an awesome bird.

Trumpeter swan, Wrangell – St. Elias National Park, Alaska.



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