Tongass National Forest, near Yakutat, Alaska.

Tongass National Forest, near Yakutat, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Here’s a nice view of a little stream and grassy field in the Tongass National Forest, outside of Yakutat. I was looking for a campsite, after returning to Yakutat from Icy Bay. This looked like a great area. I walked out, set up my tripod, a young grizzly popped up, and ran off. I tooka few photos of the scene, packed up my gear, and thought I’d try t find somewhere else to camp. I’d kinda had my fill of grizzly bears for a while.



2 thoughts on “Tongass National Forest, near Yakutat, Alaska.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    They say the bears are everywhere this year, and many are unafraid of people. I know Alaska is a big place, but with tourists constantly feeding bears, and that stupid man named Charlie Vandergaw , who for 20 yrs. has been hand feeding bears, I’m not surprised that it has been learned by all the cubs of all these bears. They are definately becoming unafraid of humans, which is a sad thing .YOU STAY SAFE!!!

  2. Beth Lunsford

    P.S. I just wrote a letter to President bush. He and the timber companies plan to clear-cut 2 million acres of Tongass National Forest!! This is where the Blue Glacier bear & other rare wildlife live. This upsets me greatly! Even when they come back in and plant trees, you & I know it will take centuries for this to be a feasible place for wildlife. I think eveyone who cares shoud contact the President and let him know that this project can take place somewhere else that’s more suited for this endeavour.

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