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Hey Folks

I hope this finds you all well.

Whilst I sit here and delete spam, I’ll add a short post. The other day my generator busted. The 3rd time I used it. Don’t you just love modern technology and manufacturing! The hose from the fuel tank to the carburettor split in half … so it leaked a whole tank of gas .. which TOTALLY sucked.

However, the fellow who owns the cabin, and has lived here in McCarthy since 1955, totally hooked me up .. we (mostly he) mended it and replaced the hose (I still can’t believed he happened to have a piece the right size) .. Jim’s amazing. Then the axe busted .. the handle split right down the middle .. I glued and taped that sucker up and kept on a splitting .. I ain’t gunna get cold because of a split axe.

I’ve gone looking for a particular shot of Mt Blackburn twice now and both time been thwarted, due to weather .. yesterday was SO close .. all but the peak of the mtn was out. It was beautiful, and I did get a few other images that were nice, but I really want a great shot of Mt. Blackburn. This is the only time of year it gets alpenglow on the southside, as during the summer the warmer light happens when the sun is on the northside of the mountains. But the soutside view is spectacular. Try and try again. I did get some nice images the previous evening as well, but the best light on the mtn is in the morning.

I shovelled all the snow (about 3′) off the roof off the cabin, as it was starting to ice up on the bottom .. the heat from the inside of the cabin melts the underlayer of the snow, which then refreezes, and gets icy ..or it melts and comes thru the portch, and gets ice on everything on the floor .. it’s a hassle. But – now it’s all clean.

I cut down another tree the other day .. landed that sucker on a dime. Fortunately, the dime didnt happen to be the one in my back pocket. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the dime I was hoping it would land on .. in fact, it was about 180 degrees from the direction I was hoping it would go. So that sucked – I had to trim the fallen tree, and carry all the logs up this crappy snow-covered hillside, and over to the cabin. took some work, for sure, but now I have tons of firewood to keep me warm at night!

Now that I have the generator working again, I recharged my laptop and downloaded all my photos, and backed them up to another HD. It’s definitely a hassle trying to shoot digital images in a cabin with no electricity. I’ve thought of buying a film camera again and some film to not have to deal with it. I wish I’d saved one of my film cameras, I spose.

Well, that’s about all for now. I’ll try to get some images online and post a few before too long .. a week or so I hope.

Take care and stay warm.



4 thoughts on “The Latest Update

  1. Beth Lunsford

    Hey Carl- Long time, no post! Hope the heavens have been smiling on you.Well, at least for the most part except the broken axe, etc… Sounds like you’re having a great time actually. So how cold is it up there right now? Love the pictures, as usual. I don’t think you’ve ever taken a bad picture from what i’ve seen! Guess what? It actually snowed 3 inches down here in atlanta!!! We all broke out the gore-tex, fur lined hip boots, snow chains,chopped firewood, & cleaned out all the grocery stores! Ha! Ha! And it lasted 1 day! Ha! Ha! Guess what? Then it snowed again 2 days later! We all thought down in the big ATL that we were roughing it just like you in Alaska!! Ha! Ha! It only lasted a day and a half. But we all had fun anyway. As always, god bless you & good luck. Hope you are having fun, fun, fun!!!

  2. Pete Zwiers

    Hey Carl,
    Glad to hear you’re having a good winter. Curious as to what type of fresh animal tracks you’re seeing more often on your excursions? Three feet of snow on the roof is pretty good. I would have thought being inland a bit from the coast, you wouldn’t have that much. That much snow will make breaking in new snowshoe trails a good workout, eh! It’s fun reading about your winter, so keep up the solid writing. Cheers.

  3. Carl Donohue

    Hey Beth

    Thanks for posting again – good to see you’re still kicking.

    Yes, I heard about the snow and weather in Atlanta .. crazy stuff, for sure. 🙂

    I can vaguely remember grocery stores. 🙂 No wolf packs here – coyote and fox tracks abound, as are lots of snow shoe hares .. but they’re a might skittish in these parts.
    Stay well.

    Hey Pete

    Yeah, it’s pretty cool out here. The snow mostly fell earlier in the winter .. the last few weeks it’s been just bits and pieces. And more of that nefarious wind I was talking about earlier came thru and knocked most of it off the trees… 🙁

    I wish I knew animal tracks better .. I see some from time to time I don’t know .. mostly small ones, like voles or birds and stuff .. but I’ve seen a few weasel tracks, or maybe marten tracks, but I can’t figure out what they are.



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