“Survival of the Fittest … Fattest”?

A well fed, big bellied male grizzly bear at Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

So we’ve all heard that ‘the law of the jungle’ is ‘survival of the fittest’, right? Well, that might need a little qualifying, perhaps. Seems that here in Alaska, Survival of the Fattest might work better. This bear isn’t the biggest, most dominant male in Katmai National Park – though he’s certainly well up the list. But … I dare say he’ll enjoy a good winter’s nap, starting in a month or so, and he doesn’t look so ‘fit’ to me. 🙂 Something tells me he won’t wake up hungry – that’s a helluva belly. And one of the miracles of it all is .. no cholesterol problems!



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7 thoughts on ““Survival of the Fittest … Fattest”?

  1. Mark

    Ha! No cholesterol problems because he consumes a huge amount of fish oil! That’s one heck of a belly. Ah well – as long as he looks fit for mating season I suppose he’ll do ok!

  2. Carl D Post author

    Hey Folks,

    @ Ron; It’s kinda funny, actually, talking to some of the ‘bear biologists’ there .. they’re all talking about this is such a critical time for the bears, and how disturbing them is so harmful .. and I’m looking at bears like this thinking ‘are you kidding – he could go hibernate NOW and still make it through the winter just fine’.

    @ Musa; I doubt it. But i bet he has some flat arches before long.



  3. Musa

    Hmmmm, the scientist who wrote this may have to re-think….or re-study….”Grizzlies usually den on south facing slopes near treeline. To create a denning cavity, a bear might move as much as a ton of earth out of the hillside.” Though I guess they were only looking at those scrawny Canada Bears….

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