Snowshoe hair

Hey folks,

When I finally figured out about these snowshoes, the next thing I heard about was these ‘snowshoe hairs’. I saw one in the woods, and was able to get a picture:

snowshoe hair, brown

One of the coolest thing about these creatures is that they change their coats out with the season – very fashionable – darker for the warmer months, and a white coat for the colder, winter months. Pretty snazzy. 

snowshoe hair

Another aspect is how large their feet are. Regular rabbits and hares have pretty large hind feet, but nothing like the snowshoe hair. You can see a comparison in the image below; snowshoe hair (winter molt) on the left, and a ‘regular rabbit’ on the right. Pretty stark, huh?

snowshoe hair and rabbit

The snowshoe hair is perfectly equipped to traverse the deep soft snow of the northern winter. Lucky buggers!

Quick quiz; Who knows which animal has the greatest foot loading to body weight ratio for traversing over soft winter snow (it’s not the snowshoe hare)?



4 thoughts on “Snowshoe hair

  1. Guy

    My money’s on caribou.

    Carl, I think you’re on to something that will make you rich. You should start the showshoe hair club for men. Sy Sperling has nothing on this.


  2. Pete Zwiers

    Carl, Carl, Carl … it’s usually not polite to laugh at the demented, but this is pretty funny stuff – so I’ll make an exception this time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Regarding your quick quiz – like Ron, I’d have to say a lynx.

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