Slow Turning – John Hiatt tune.

whitewater kayaking on the Rio Baker, Baker River, Patagonia, Chile.

Hey Folks,

Here’s my first attempt to bring an mp3 (Dad, that’s an audio file) online.


I have no idea if this will work. This is a tune I recorded with a few friends of mine years ago, for an album a group of John Hiatt fans recorded, called We Love The Jerk. The album is named, tongue-in-cheek, after one of his songs called “She Loves the Jerk”. Each person who wanted to recorded a song, and submitted it to the group, where the compilation was put together, including a cool album cover, and CDs shipped out to the John Hiatt fan club. Kind of a fun little project.

This tune is me playing guitars, my good friend Steve F playing bass, Steve Lusk singing his a** off, Chip Lunsford playing drums and Randy Hoexter playing piano. Randy recorded it at his studio. I really need to get in and do some more recording/writing and get some tunes online — maybe that’s another project I should finish. The song, Slow Turning, is the title track on John Hiatt’s “Slow Turning” album .. one of his best efforts, IMO. Definitely check out that album.

The photo is a friend of mine, Nate, way down in Futaleufu, Chile, right now, about to run the 3rd rapid of the Baker River, or Rio Baker – big, big water. Nate got smashed! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Slow Turning – John Hiatt tune.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    That was really good!! You should do some more of that. Really connects to the photo,I think. Check out your Arial Predator page one more time. Left a short note. You really had a lot of good points there!

  2. Mark

    Carl – why the heck have you been hiding this stuff all this time? You are right, get to the posting of more. Cool stuff brutha.

  3. Beth Lunsford

    You r definately multi-talented!! Are you full-up for the Tebay Lakes expedition yet? That will be off the chain!!! When does it start again??

  4. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    I really don’t enough stuff on recordings .. bits and pieces and demos and stuff .. and so much of it is on analog. I might try looking into get some stuff from converted from tape to digital files and post some from time to time. Thanks man.

    Hey Beth,

    Thanks – I’m not multi-talented – I just hack away at a bunch of different things. I’m fortunate with photography, music, the outdoors, etc to run into people that really ARE talented, and those people are a treat to know. I’ve never met Mark, above, for example, but he’s a ridiculously talented photographer. Check out Mark’s website. People like THAT are talented, I’m just a hack.

    The Tebay Expedition is actually fully booked now – 5 people maximum, and it’s full, which is awesome.And one of the folks who signed up is a fellow Aussie, and also a geologist, so that should make the trip extra cool! I can’t wait.




  5. Neil Donohue

    Carl I knew that, and there’s no need to state the bleeding obvious. And I agree your’e not multi-talented, cos if you were you would be making a lot of money and sending some of it home to your poor old parents, who slaved away for years so you could become somewhat talented.

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