Sea Kayaking in Icy Bay, Wrangell – St. Elias National Park Alaska.

Sea Kayaking in Icy Bay, Mt. St. Elias in the background, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park Alaska.

Hey Folks,

After a couple of days I was fortunate to have the weather clear up a bit. The place is pretty amazing. There were tons of birds in the area, gulls, oystercatchers, sea ducks, murres, murrelets, and more. Flowers were in full swing, and impressive stands of lupine were everywhere.

Most impressive however, is Mt St. Elias. I’ve been lucky enough to see a few great mountains around North America, and I doubt any of them are as impressive a sight at Mt. St. Elias. It literally soars skyward from the coast, towering over 18 000′ high. From Icy Bay I was about 20 miles from the mountain, and it’s simply overpowering to be to close to something so grand. I’d definitely suggest Mt. St. Elias is one of the grand mountains of the world. It’s the tallest coastal mountain in the world, and the St. Elias is the highest coastal mountain range in the world. No other mountain has the vertical relief of St. Elias – though the summit of Everest, for example, is over 29 000′ above sea level, the mountain begins at 17 000′ above seal level. Mt. St. Elias shoots up from the ocean to 18 008′ – I was going to name this photo “Zero to 18 000 in 1/250th of a second”.

And to think I was worried that I’d actually be able to see the mountain from my viewpoint if the weather cleared up. It’s be impossible to NOT see it.

So I had a nice afternoon here, enjoyed Mt. St. Elias for all I could, and then the clouds socked back in, which was kind of a bummer. But I was still keen to explore the area further, and looked forward to the days ahead.

More sea kayaking photos.



3 thoughts on “Sea Kayaking in Icy Bay, Wrangell – St. Elias National Park Alaska.

  1. Carl Donohue

    Hey Ron,

    Nice pun. 🙂

    You like it? I’ll let you have it if you want. I’ll even tell you where it is. 🙂

    Seriously, I’ll try to post a few images of the boat soon – having a boat in a place like Icy Bay makes all the difference in the world.



  2. Beth Lunsford

    Hey , if you’re near Yakutat, you could see the elusive Blue Glacier Bear. Maybe around dusk. That would be a great picture!! Yakutat’s the place. Stay safe!!!

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