Poem, by a friend

hey folks,

I’d like to post a poem a friend of mine wrote. He showed it to me tonight for the first time, though he wrote it years ago when he was only 17. It doesn’t have much to do with nature photography, but it sure is beautiful.

/Old Man/

They say he is a bum and a trashy old fellow and not much good to man– his clothes are tattered and his shoes are worn and his hands bear the wrinkles of time

His feet grow weary as he presses along, remembering another day when his dreams were as frail as butterfly wings and his heart was young and gay

He longs for love in the eyes of a child –and someone his heart to share- but really there’s no one who cares

I wonder as I view this timely old man from my window of young and prime — if he’s not just the reflection of another day–when my hands are wrinkled with time.

And I thought I’d post this photo to go with the poem. The photo was taken in Osorno, Chile, on my way through that small town. I spent 4 months in Futaleufu, Chile, and had an absolutely awesome time. It’s a gorgeous country, with great people, and a fascinating culture. Osorno is an interesting town, and I was fortunate to see a parade of young folks passing through town, playing drums and dressed up in colorful costumes. Just after the parade I saw this trio of Chilean people sitting in the park, and thought it would make a nice photo.

More photos from Chile.



Family sitting in a park, Osorno, Chile.

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