Pebbles on the beach, Yakutat, Alaska.

Rocks and pebbles on Point Carrew, near Cannon beach, outside Yakutat, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Here’s a look at some of the pebbles and stones washed up on the beach at Point Carrew, a famous surfing beach near Yakutat. On a clear day, the view from here across Disenchantment Bay towards the Malaspina Glacier and Mt. St. Elias is second to none! On this evening, clouds to the northwest meant the view was stifled – I could see the pyramid like peak of St. Elias poking out above the clouds, but it wasn’t such a great photo. I liked this little collection of pebbles and rocks.



5 thoughts on “Pebbles on the beach, Yakutat, Alaska.

  1. Neil Donohue

    Hi Carl
    Although I access this site on a regular basis – this it the first time I have made an entry.
    The bear story?? ‘scary – yes but also reassuring and good to see that Carl responded exactly as I expected and trusted he would. He: had all the necessary equipment with him: bear spray, sat phone etc; remained calm and kept his cool and did all the ‘correct’ things throughout; then when it became appropriate – he had the courage/common sense etc to pull the pin and get assistance.
    Carl is one of the most ‘feet on the ground’ and ‘grounded’ people I know –Well done Carl. Although I realise you do take some risks from time to time, and Yes sometimes I do feel a wee bit concerned – As always – I am proud to be your Mum.

  2. Beth Lunsford

    Hey Carl, man, those are really pretty. Would make a great deck or walkway! But, they are much prettier where they lay.

  3. Beth Lunsford

    To Carls Mum & Dad: I think you raised a fine, smart boy/man!!!Kudos to the both of you!! I don’t have my parents anymore, but I often follow the wisdom they gave to me. You seem like fine parents that any child/man would be proud of!!!

  4. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    I’m sure they were probably parts of many mountains over the years. That’s kind of a cool thing to remember, eh?

    Thanks Beth for the nice words – but give the credit to me .. not my parents. They kind of slacked off over the years. 🙂



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