Pacific Loon, Section 1002, ANWR, Alaska.

Pacific Loon, Section 1002, ANWR, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Here’s a Pacific Loon image I got late one evening near the Canning River, on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR, Alaska. This photo took me quite a while, and a lot of walking, to swing. I think it was nearly 2am when I clicked the shutter here. I’d been over near this pond earlier, but not able to get close. I ended up walking around for a long time, finding a few other birds to photograph, and then cam back by the loon pond. This loon and its mate were getting more and more comfortable with this strange tripod-toting creature wandering around, and finally came close enough for me to manage a few photos. I wish the light was a little brighter, and the wind not present, as the rippled effect on the water isn’t as nice as a calmer surface, but one takes what one can in the arctic. At least the wind kept the bugs at bay.

Section 1002, the coastal plain, of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the area hotly debated over with the proposals to drill for oil. I think the wildlife that live there, will be much better off if drilling and gas extraction aren’t allowed; I think we’ll be better off for it, too.



4 thoughts on “Pacific Loon, Section 1002, ANWR, Alaska.

  1. Mark

    Hard to imagine this being at 2 am, but up there I suppose all of your frames of reference change. I think it is a great shot, especially for the light.

  2. Sai

    Hey Carl,

    🙂 I usually visit your other blog but didn’t get on this one till today. This is a pretty cool picture. I love the detail in the picture and like Mark said, quite something to see light at 2.00am, but again, that’s just another feather in the cap of AK. Man I wish I didn’t live so far off from AK..your images and write up sure entice the reader to make a trip up there. I just can’t wait to get a chance to visit Wrangell St. Elias after seeing your pictures!!!


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