No foto?

Hey Folks

No photo today – I’m on a borrowed computer, in the middle of the woods. I’ll try to get some from my camera to my laptop to the internet somehow.

Just to be brief .. all’s fine. No chains needed, no hasles on the road at all – other than starting my van the 2nd morning on the way in, at 25 below .. my van didn’t like that too much.

The wather here has been awesome .. cold, but clear and still. I love it.

The cabin is warm, I’m comfy and all settled in – pretty much.

I’ll try to post again before too long.



3 thoughts on “No foto?

  1. Keba

    Wather? What’s wather? Some Aussie term I guess, as I am sure you didn’t mean to write weather….but hey I’m not a great speller so…. Anchortown has finally gotten some winter snow, maybe it will get the wolves back on the moose so I can go out again, we’ll see…..

  2. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    The van is a beast. Even my mum and dad can vouch for it! It’s out in the snow though, so it may not be happy with me for a while.


    ‘wather’ is a typo. It is short for “pedantic”. 🙂 I hope the wolves don’t eat you while I’m away.



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