MuskOx Calf photo, coastal plain, arctic Alaska.

MuskOx calf, coastal plain, arctic Alaska.

Hey Folks,

As I don’t have anything new to post from the Skolai Trip I did last week, I’ll post a few more Muskox. This young calf was hanging around with his mom and the herd one afternoon, and it took quite a while before I got a decent opportunity to shoot a portrait of the calf. Muskox really protect their young well, mostly by hiding the calves behind the adults, and often keeping them in the thicker brush. Finally this calf ran out in the open, stopped and looked back, and I took this photo. You can see the Mosquitoes were plentiful up in the arctic this summer.

Muskox photos.



4 thoughts on “MuskOx Calf photo, coastal plain, arctic Alaska.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    What a great shot. He looks like he’s pleading with you, PLEASE BUY ME SOME MOSQUITO REPELLENT!!!

  2. Mark

    No kidding, where is the self-portrait of you surrounded by mosquitoes? 🙂 I hate biting bugs man, I would not do well there.

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