8 thoughts on “Mt. St. Elias from Icy Bay

  1. Carl D Post author

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks Ron.

    Yeah, I really got one sweet afternoon in Icy Bay. I got another reasonably nice afternoon down around Yakutat, but mostly it was gray, cloudy drizzle. I had the camera on high speed motor drive when the sun popped out! 🙂

    Mt. St. Elias is such an awesome mountain. I think it’s my new favorite.



  2. Pete Zwiers

    Hey Carl,

    Long time, no talk. This photo is amazing – bet that puppy looks great nice ‘n big! Good to see some sun in AK this year!

    I think we saw the sun about 6 hours during our trip to Katmai this September. Lots of rain … well, enough to make me start thinking that anyone living in AK is slightly nuts! 🙂 The thing that really bugged us (besides our truck breaking down in Soldotna) was that we had kind of a crappy summer here for hiking – always running into thunderstorms while peaking out, and more than a few rainy weekends. Then when we left for AK, we apparently had three weeks of glorious sunny indian summer here! Arrrggg. That said, we did have a really good October for hiking, so I suppose we can’t grouse too much.

    I read that you’re taking up snowboarding. Crazy boy, everyone knows that real men still ski!

  3. Beth Lunsford

    Hey Carl! Great pic! I love the flowers & then the snowy mountain backdrop. Have you broken any bones yet on your board? Actually, I think you’ll be pretty good. Hey, when you get a minute, can you answer my question on the previous post? I’d really like to learn what that is. Thanks!! Stay safe, as always!! P.S. Hey Ron. You’ve been taking some awesome pics!! Carl, you gotta find The Blue Bear!!!

  4. Carl Donohue

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Bummer about your weather this summer. Seemed to be par for the course, eh? I was actually lucky, I didn’t get TOO much rain – really just one trip was really soaking. Most of the others were cloudy, with scattered showers, but not as much rain as 2 years ago. Glad you got some nice weather in October though – great time of year to be in your area.

    On the snowboarding, you know I really want to get a split board, so I can do both. Boarding’s definitely cooler than skiing. And I need the cool points.

    Hey Beth,

    Thanks – it’s one of my favorites from the summer, I think.

    So far, no broken bones. If my snow boarding learning curve is anything like mountain biking, it’ll take about 8 months. It’s a ton of fun so far.



  5. Mark

    Don’t tell me you are growing tired of the Alaskan winter already with all these summer shots. 🙂 Killer shot though – amazing view.

  6. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks, man. No, I’m not tired of the winter here. it hasn’t even really started yet. I’m looking forward to some more snow soon.

    The view at Icy Bay is simply amazing. I can’t think of a better one.



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