Mount Blackburn photo.

Black and white photo of Mount Blackburn, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

I hope you’re not tiring of Mount Blackburn. It’s an awesome mountain. One of the primary reasons I wanted to spend some time here in the winter is to catch this mountain in good light. In the summer time, when travel here is a bit easier and the weather much warmer, the good light is on the north side of the mountain. So here I am, running around at 50 deg below F trying to make a decent image of the mountain. I went up new year’s eve to shoot, and the light was amazing. Of course, both my camera batteries died, due to the cold, and I made 3 photos, then spent my time sitting in the cold watching the alpenglow light up the mountain as if it had a fire inside. It was something special to witness, but I’ve not a single image of the event. Since then it’s been cloudy. The weather did warm up to a comfortable 20 below though, so there’s always something positive. That and the little rubber foot off my tripod that fell off, and I thought was long gone, lost; I was wandering back to the shack just at dusk, when  I saw this little black thing half buried in the snow .. I kicked it (as I’m prone to do such things), and it was my rubber foot off my tripod. Woo hoo!

You all stay warm. I’ll try to get some images of something other than Mount Blackburn here sometime soon.



8 thoughts on “Mount Blackburn photo.

  1. Mark

    Happy new year buddy. Sounds like it was a sight to behold. I try to remember the temps you are out in up there every time I whine about the cold here. Helps…. just a little.

  2. Beth Lunsford

    Woo Hoo Carl! Glad you found your rubber booting. Hope you’re staying warm. I bet you have PLENTY of snow! Very cool photo. Can I land my lunar rover there? LOL! Stay safe. I imagine you ARE NOT snowboarding in such weather! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

  3. yoselyn fontealba

    how long time
    how are you ?
    beauty picture and nice place
    happy new year
    I wish the best

  4. Carl

    hey Folks,

    Thanks all. warmed up a little the other day to 15 below, then back down to 48 below again today. So much for a great new year, eh?



  5. Neil Donohue

    Hi Carl,

    Colleen & I went to the Sydney Medibank Tennis International on Thursday/Friday and sweltered in 40 degrees Celsius – now thats toasty! However Russia’s Pravda has an article warning that an Ice Age is due so you can take your pick between global warming or global freezing. I’ll forward the article to you.

    Hope you are managing ok out there and getting lots of great photos,


  6. Carl D Post author

    Hey Dad

    “Tennis”??? – at this time of year? Crazy Australians.

    We just had our little Ice Age .. then it warmed up now its cold again.



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