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Hey Folks

Nothing online from my stay here yet. It’s tough, dealing with no electricity. However, I DID hook up a small generator this morning, and all works fine, so I should be able to get some images on tomy computer, at least, and somehow then get something online. In the meantime you’ll have to deal with chatter.

Yesterday I walked with Jim, the cabin owner, over to McCarthy. It’s a several mile walk, and we took our time. Right before we left I thought I should bring my camera, but I figured it would only hold things up, and the weather didn’t look like ti would be nice light anyway. Sure enough, I leave the camera at the cabin, and within an hour, the alpen glow on the mountains north of us was astounding. The first sign of good light I’ll be up early and heading towards the ridges and glaciers up that way, hoping for some images.

Living here is something else. It’s extraordinary. The mountains, the snow, the forest, the quiet, it’s another world. The cabin warms up incredibly quickly with a small fire, and I’ve cooked on the wood stove most nights. Maybe 2 nights I fired up the little 2 burner propane stove and treated myself to a little luxury. If I didn’t need a computer and batteries recharged, I’d see no reason for electricity here at all – though when I want to next start my van that may change.

Every day I walk in the woods, snowshoeing or just hiking along .. there’s tons of snow machine trails here, so often I don’t need the snowshoes.

When the weather’s really crappy, I read some, write some, lounge by the fire, chop wood, and enjoy the quiet. It’s nice.

I’ll try to write something at least semi-thoughtful next time here, regarding life in the Alaskan winter woods, but usually I’m so pressed for time when I cmoe over to do email, it just doesn’t work for me. If I didn’t have Spam, my email time would be about 1/1000th of what it currently requires.

For now, I’ll finish up deleting spam, and then head back over to Shacky, where it’s snowing right now. Tomorrow the weather looks promising, so I’ll aim to do some early photography.



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