More Mundaca fun, Futaleufu River, Chile.

Whitewater Rafting, Mundaca, Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile.

Merry Xmas Folks!

Here’s a similar shot to the one I posted of KC going vertical in Mundaca. The guide is Manu, from Switzerland. Manu was the king of going big on the Futaleufu in 2007. Nobody had the number of big hits that Manu did. And he cooks up a helluva storm too! It’s awesome being around people who get so excited about what they do – Manu’s eyes lit up everytime we got to Cara del Indio, a little beach right before we’d hit Mundaca. The excitement builds, and everyone just knows he’s going big. – right down the center. Awesome stuff. And, because it’s Xmas, I’ll post a couple of shots to show you what happens after your raft hits this rapid, IF it doesn’t flip over:

Dowsed on Mundaca

Mundaca, a class IV rapid, swamps a whitewater rafting trip on the Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile.

The Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile, swamps a raft on a whitewater rafting trip, at the Mundaca rapid..

Whitewater rafting on the Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile. Mundaca rapid.

and lastly,

Whitewater rafting on the Futaleufu River. Rafters are excited about running the rapid called Mundaca, and not flipping over. Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile.

Great memories, Mundaca and the Futaleufu River. Great guides, great people, great times. Merry Xmas to all you people.



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