2 thoughts on “More Iditarod 2008 Photos.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    That’s just a great shot. It’s amazing the energy these dogs have! I would like to know how they train these dogs to do what they do. When I’ve followed the other Iditarod races, it seems like the dogs are pushed to the limit of their endurance.I hesitate to say abused, but what do you know about it? Just curious.

  2. Carl Donohue

    Hey Beth

    Thanks.I wouldn’t say the dogs are abused – they love what they do. And the mushers that I’ve spoken to love their dogs, they treat them pretty well, from what I’ve seen. Now the dogs seem willing to push themselves to the limit of their endurance, for sure .. which is what they’re bred to do .. whether that’s a good thing is another discussion. 🙂



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