More aspen boles.

Aspen boles, abstract photo, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park, Alaska.


Hey Folks,


Here’s another from my aspen boles project. I simply took a long exposure, and slowly moved the camera up and down as the image was exposed. I found I had t be careful to really limit the movement sideways, and keep it as vertical as possible, for a decent photo. It’s fun experimenting with this stuff, I think.

On another note, I might not be able to post too much more. I’m getting ready to buy a snowboard, and may well be unable to move any of my limbs within a few weeks. Pray for me.


8 thoughts on “More aspen boles.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    That’s wicked looking. I’s almost a physics thing. I guess it is a physics thing! Cool work. As for the snowboarding, you go boy!! We shall pray for you, but I think you’ll be fine!Sounds like serious fun!

  2. Sai

    Hello Carl,

    I am back! This month has been a busy one for me! Whew! I’m glad that its coming to an end. However, the fall color here in this part of the country has been mind blowing. That has pretty much kept me on my feet during the weekends!

    This is a fantastic shot of an abstract image. I will be curious to know how you managed to move the camera along the vertical axis. Did you have it mounted on a tripod or was this shot taken hand held? BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed the images you have posted throughout this month.

    Cades Cove can be a real treat during November/December. In fact I might be there in mid-November on a field trip organized by my local camera club. I was there last year taking a workshop with none other than Richard Bernabe 🙂 (his lecture about mind/eye coordination at a club meeting just blew me away..). Will have to see how this year turns out. The Catalooche valley, famous for its elk should be a great spot to photograph this time of the year.

    I wonder how the winter is going to be over there this year. From your picture it appears that you guys have got a nice chunk of snow already. I love your winter photographs and look forward to seeing more this year :). My fall pictures are up on my Flickr website in case you are curious..

    Happy snowboarding and I will pray for you to stay in one piece lol…


  3. Carl D Post author

    Hey Beth,

    Thanks. What do you mean ‘physics thing’?

    Hey Sai,

    Thanks for the long post. The shot was taken from my tripod, mounted via a ballhead. I just carefully moved the camera up and down during the exposure.

    I miss the Smokies, for sure. I loved your photos from there. I’ve not had the fortune of meeting Richard, but I do admire his photography and writing.

    Hopefully I’ll have a board in a day or 2, and be getting my learnin’ on real soon. I think it’s 2 years until the next winter Olympics, so that should give me time to practice up, I think.



  4. Ron Niebrugge

    A snowboard!

    I have a snowboard – I haven’t used it as much as I had hoped – I really need to spend more time on it – it is a bit of a transition from skies.

    Good luck!


  5. Carl D Post author

    Hey Ron,

    Yep, a snowboard. I got my boots yesterday, and should have a board this weekend. I think next weekend I’ll probably be hitting some double black runs.

    We should go boarding this winter sometime.



  6. Beth Lunsford

    Well, my brother stretches certain pic & things on the computer to figure out something about the mathematical formula of these objects. That’s what he said, which I do not understand that part of physics!!But he has pages in notebooks filled with formulas about different objects that he stretched & messes with on the computer. A lot of them involve space & different stars. It’s very complicated, at least for me!! LOL

  7. Carl D Post author

    Hey Beth,

    Ahhhh – now I’m with you. Physics is not my strong suite. Nor is chemistry. Actually, I’m not sure I even have a strong suite. Maybe I should turn to gambling, like my buddy Ron. 🙂



  8. Beth Lunsford

    No dude, gambling will get most people in trouble , eventually!! Stick with your gorgeous pics, stories of your wanderings, & snowboarding! You’ll be fine, then. You have great talent!!! That’s why we all wait eagerly to see & read your next stories. I think you should write a book. But you would have to send me a signed copy.LOL!!For real!!

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