Life in the Bush, Alaska

Hey Folks

Well, it’s been a busy week. Today, for example, I chopped down a tree, to the tune of “I’m a lumberjack, and I’m OK” .. it was kind of weird, to watch a spruce tree fall at my hand, but knowing the tree was already dead kind of made it OK, I suppose. I cut the tree up, trimmed all the limbs off it (spruce trees have many, many limbs), and stacked the wood in the little wood shed I have. Not bad, but a lot of work in the snow – and it snowed all the while I was working.

This morning I shot a few images that I think will work out nicely when I get them on the computer and processed a little. It was cloudy and overcast, and I had commited the morning to doing some writing, when the sun started to come out … I headed out into the woods, and shot a number of images. We’d had some snow the night before, but a little nefarious breeze blew most of it off the trees. Pesky breeze!

Yesterday was gorgeous, and I got a few nice images of Fireweed Mtn, outside the cabin. It was crazy cold though, like 20 below and wow were my fingers chilled!

I’m really enjoying the life in the cabin – it’s quiet, simple, and has a rhythm that is so different from living in a city, or even a small town. The routine is good – wake up, stoke the fire, go back to bed, wake up, stoke the fire, go back to bed, etc .. then I get up, have a little breakfast, some coffee, stoke the fire, then do some reading by the lamp. I have 2 lamps – a kerosene lamp, and a propane lamp. The propane lamp puts out a lot of light, but it doesn’t feel right – even turned down low, I prefer the kerosene lamp .. it just ‘feels’ better for life in a little cabin in the ALaskan woods.

It’s kind of funny how weird it feels to come here and sit on the computer and do emails, etc on the internet, when a few hundred yards I live in a cabin with no power, etc. The rhythm shifts – I’d prefer to simply avoid the computer when I’m in this kind of place, I think. Unfortunately, work calls, sometimes. Mostly I come here and delete spam emails, and/or respond to people who want images for free.



5 thoughts on “Life in the Bush, Alaska

  1. Svein-Frode

    Hei Carl!

    Looks like you’re doing allright up there in the cabin. Sure wish I was in your shoes right now, insted of stearing into the LCD at work… Keep on keeping on!

  2. Guy

    Sounds like the life for you, Carl! I envy yo this opportunity but glad you’re making the most of it and can share it with us. I definitely don’t remember you using terms like “nefarious breeze” when you lived in Atlanta (isn’t it against the law there?)

    Show us some pictures of the cabin so we can be really jealous!


  3. Richard

    wow Carl. i think your words are sufficient to paint the picture of what its like. interesting how your able to get internet out there when sometimes I can’t even get cell reception sometimes in my own suburban house!

    good luck man.

  4. Mark

    I am glad you are able to transverse centuries to let us know what’s goin’ on Carl. Sounds like a great adventure. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Hopefully some of those looking for free pics come back and pony up some cash. Looking forward to the pics.

  5. Carl Donohue

    Hey Folks!

    Thanks for all the well wishes. This place gets better and better, it seems. it even warmed up today, nearly to freezing. I’m really enjoying the time here, and opportunity to explore the park a bit in the winter. It’s amazing.

    I’ll try to get some images online in the week or so. I took one today of ole Shacky – I’ve shortened the name to just “Shaq” though .. brings out my Atlanta years, I spose. 🙂

    I can tell you this much – I already have a photo of a species I’ve never before photographed. 🙂



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