Hopscotch above the Chittistone River.

Hiking and trekking above the Chittistone River, Chittistone, Valley, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska.,

Hey Folks,

This will be my last post here for a while. I’m heading off to the big wilderness again in the morning. This time, my plan is a little different. I’ll be over in the park until just before Xmas, when I have to return to Anchorage and baby sit 2 dogs, Keba and Musa, until the new year – then I’ll be back over to the park scrounging around in the dark.

This photo isn’t one I took, but it was my idea. This is from a trip this past summer down the Chittistone Valley. We had a GREAT time. The first time ever on one of my trips that a couple got engaged – Nick and April, 2 very cool folks from Seattle, WA. I was pretty impressed that someone would take a trip like this to propose, way to go Nick. Maybe when I get back I’ll post a photo of Nick and April. They had an awesome time, loved the trip, and even invited me to their wedding!

This little point is near a place called “Wolverine” that I hike to, and I knew they’d both love the sidetrip up to here. I took a bunch of photos of them both out on this overlook, and they wanted one of me for some reason. I said, “here, this will look very cool – shoot this”. I’ve actually done the entire route hop-scotch style, left, left, right, together, right, left, and so forth. Very artful! 🙂

Hopefully, my next post will be a little more inspired than this one.



8 thoughts on “Hopscotch above the Chittistone River.

  1. Neil Donohue

    Carl I see you’ve inherited your father’s gymnastic ability, although the toes could have been pointed a little more.
    Hope your van behaves itself this time. Your Mum and I hope it works out well for you and you have a great stay out there.
    Remember what we taught you, don’t open the door to anyone, especially bears.

    Your Dad

  2. Carl Donohue

    Hey Guy,

    🙂 .. Trust you to point that out. OK, mystery solved. Now, how can you explain my rotator cuff injury?

    Hey Dad,

    The bears are sleeping. The wolves are a different story, however. They seem to be eating people’s dogs left, right and center up here this winter. Uggh!

    Michael, thanks for checking in man .. come on back sometime.



  3. Nick Riebli

    Thanks for the shout out Carl. I agree with you dad, the toes could be pointed a little more. I hear you are spending the winter in McCarthy? I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t know you would take it to that extreme! I guess you live life by your motto…. “If you want to be hardcore, you got to live hardcore!”

    Stay Warm,

  4. Carl Donohue

    Hey Nick

    I think if I wasn’t wearing my Asolo boots you and dad would both see the toes were in fact, pointed correctly. I can’t say too much, but I do know I looked a lot better here than you did. Want me to post a picture of you on this outcrop?



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