Hiking in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska.

Hiking in the Tongass National Forest, near Yakutat, Alaska.

Hey Folks,
Well, this image isn’t from the Bremner to Tebay trek. Just a little break. This was from my trip down to Yakutat and the Tongass National Forest in June. Hiking in the forest is such a treat, especially in an ancient one like the Tongass. The mood of the place is simply awesome. I was a hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean here, yet the forest completely enveloped me, and it didn’t feel at all like a hike near the ocean to me.

The Tongass National Forest is a beautiful forest, and a national treasure. I hate to see the damage being done to it by industrial logging, and hope protections are put in place ASAP to help preserve what remains of this beautiful place.



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  1. Sai


    Amazing! I first read about the Tongass National Forest in an article by Thom Hogan. I totally agree with your remark about curbing industrial “invasion” of national treasures. That reminds me, I wonder what’s going to happen to the ANWR if the Republicans win the election this year, with all the focus being on reducing dependence on external oil. Remains to be seen! Say a small prayer that they won’t touch that area to drill for oil!


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