5 thoughts on “Hanagita Hills, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

  1. Beth Lunsford

    That’s quite a cool view. Why do some people call it Steamboat Springs? And what does Hanagita Hills mean?

  2. Carl Donohue

    Hey Beth

    Sorry, I meant to get back with you sooner. I presume ‘Hanagita’ is an Athabascan word, though I’m unsure. As for why some people call it ‘Steamboat Hills’? Lots of places have their own little local names, I suppose, particularly in Alaska. ‘Steamboat’ may have been a term that came about because of the old steamboats that used to run up the Chitina and Copper Rivers, years ago – and these hills run right alongside the Chitina River. That’s just a guess. The maps all show ‘Hanagita’.



  3. Beth Lunsford

    I know you’re busy. No problem. I bet you’re right, though. Makes sense. I love all of the old names of mountains, rivers, valleys, towns, etc… And you’re so good at explaining it!

  4. Barbara H

    Hanagita is the name of Chief Nicolai’s older brother. Nicolai was the Tyrone of Taral and the Raven clan. He forged the agreement that led to the Copper Mines. Hanagita could have been the Tyrone, but would rather be alone. Go to http://www.mylargescale.com/community/frontpage/14/view/topic/postid/9746/default.aspx to read more. The original survey was done in 1900, but Lt. Allen moved throgh the region in 1885. Ambercrombie tried in 1884 and failed. *The park service has some good stuff on their website too, http://www.nps.gov Enjoy

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