Grizzly bears, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Grizzly sow and cub, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Hey Folks,

Well, here’s a quick follow up. Ron inspired this post with his bear photos from his trip into the Yukon and BC. I shot these bears along the Alcan highway on my way north this summer. I sat in the vehicle, and shot out the window, so I allowed myself to get pretty close. The bears were very tolerant if I moved slowly, didn’t make a lot of noise and was generally respectful towards them. Other travellers stopped, and generally did the same, so we all had a nice time. However, some folks just amaze me.

This one guy drives by, screeches to a halt, backs up, looks at the bears for a while, opens his vehicle door, steps out, walks towards the bears (there were 3, these 2 and another cub), and starts taking pictures. I’m thinking “now this is crazy!” .. but I didn’t say anything .. the bears pretty much ignored him, at first. Then they started showing a little more interest, and I leaned out my window and said “hey man, if I were you, I’d hop back in the car. Those bears can move pretty fast, and it’s not worth messing around near them.”

He goes: “Ya think so?”

I said “yeah, you might wanna get back in your truck”.

He says “OK. I wonder momma bear is.”

I shook my head, once, twice, and then said “yeah, I have no idea. You better get back in your truck, sir”.

Fortunately, he did, and all was well. I do love a happy ending.



PS – Here’s another photo of one of the cubs:

Grizzly bear cub feeds on wildflowers, Yukon Territory, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Grizzly bears, Yukon Territory, Canada.

  1. Ron Niebrugge

    Hey Carl,

    It sure is great to be able to watch these guys from the comfort and safety of a vehicle – well at least if you are smart! Cool shots, especially with the flowers.


  2. Alex

    The pictures are fabulous and thanks for sharing them but be careful my friend!
    In reference to a comment made here about “Grizzlies” being cute and cuddly I can only remind you of their unpredictable nature with one name, Timonthy Treadwell…

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