Great Egret photo, St. Augustine, Florida.

A great egret, in flight, comes in to land in its nest during breeding season. Breeding plumage Great Egret, St. Augustine Florida.

Hey Folks,

Finishing up with some old scans I need to tweak before heading out, so I thought I’d post this Great Egret photo, taken a few years back on the old slide film. I shot this on one of my few trips to Florida. Florida’s hot and humid and flat and nasty. Great Egrets are cool, and there’s perhaps no better place to view and photograph them, but I’ve not much time for Florida.



2 thoughts on “Great Egret photo, St. Augustine, Florida.

  1. Mark

    Sweet pose Carl. Have never been to St.Augustine, only to Ft. Meyers area once. But yearn to get back someday soon because the birds are soooo approachable.

  2. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks man. Yeah, this was one of the very few Great Egret photos I got that I liked. But yes, the birds in Florida are, typically, unbelievably approachable. Even just north of there in Atlanta I used to see Great Egrets and Blue Herons all the time, and it was like a magic trick or something to get even remotely close to them. That said, one trip or so to the Alligator Farm was about all could stomach. The birds were awesome, I didn’t care too much for seeing the Alligators like that. And as for some of the folks who visited, I didn’t really care to be around them too much either. 🙂



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