Donoho Peak, Wrangell – St. Elias, Alaska.


hey Folks

Well, I’m back in the woods, living the quiet life. This image is from a trip I made up to kennecott a few weeks back, hoping to get a nice morning shot of Mt. Blackburn. I had no luck with Blackburn, so I shot Donoho Peak, instead, along with various other images. This is Root Glacier in the foreground.

It’s been pretty cold here the last few days, so I haven’t spent much time on the computer .. the owners of the house are away, and so the house has no heat. I come over, check my email, (solar power!) and head back to my cabin. Today I turned on a little propane heater, which I’m nearly sitting on, and it’s still freezing! The days are unbelievably clear, but it’s way cold. What’s most frustrating to me is how nothing seems to work well in the cold. The tripod legs stick, the camera fogs up ( I couoldn’t even read the historgram yesterday), ad infinitum.I can’t imagine what it must be like trying to start and deal with an automobile.

I’m heading back to the cabin to get warm.



6 thoughts on “Donoho Peak, Wrangell – St. Elias, Alaska.

  1. Musa

    Pssst, Carl, it’s me Musa, think maybe you should down play the cold a bit cause Kebs is reading your post and he’s already started to winge about going over there next weekend, me not me, a trip to the shack means lots of free running and no Sunday class for me, but the whole soooo cold nothing works, dealing with a car etc. is giving Keba second thoughts, I look at your pic and think nothing but wide open spaces with plenty of room, Kebs is muttering about windchill and breaking trail…..great shot…. I can feel the wind in my ears now….. OK, just thought I’d let you know….I’ll keep up saying -30 -60 what’s the difference, no big difference, a little bit of squareness to the tires is all, but you gotta work with me a bit on that.

  2. Mark

    holy crap this is a nice shot Carl. I come visit here when ever I think I need to ‘man up’ about the cold here in Michigan. 🙂

  3. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark

    Thanks bud. And as for ‘man up’, if you saw how many clothes I put on just to step outside for a stick of wood, you’d say ‘layer up’, rather than ‘man up’.

    Musa, tell Keba he’ll be fine, he’ll love the fire, and there’s all kind of little dog food scraps hidden around for him. 🙂



  4. Jeff Lemoine

    Hi, Aussie! Glad to hear an update on you. I tried calling you today to say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUSS!!!” but your message said to email you instead. Hope you’ve enjoyed your day, and I will be having a piece of cake in your honor tonight. Talk soon–Jeff

  5. Carl Donohue

    Hey Jeff

    Yep, Happy Birthday to me! Feliz Navidad … Feliz Navidad .. and a Happy New Year to ME!!!!!!

    No phone service, sorry. Thanks for the post here though . and don’t eat ALL the cake .. it’s MY birthday month!



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