Denali and the Alaska Range photo – a panoramic view.

Denali and the Alaska Range photo - a panoramic view.

Hey Folks,

Well, here I’ve finally got this image done – for now. It took me a lot of working, and a lot of learning, but I’m reasonably happy with the processing – for now. The image is a stitched composite of 5 horizontal frames, to form a big long wide skinny panoramic photo of Denali and the Alaska Range. I got a full moon in there too, which was nice. The moon was absolutely awesome – glowing like it only can glow in Alaska. As the final image didn’t really fit on this webpage very well, I just linked the thumbnail here – if you click the thumbnail it will open up a larger file.

In the end I didn’t use all of what I photographed. I shot 2 exposures of each photo, one for the darker foreground and one for the brighter background and sky. I had tons of trouble trying to blend each frame together, then stitch the blended frames together – that’s way too hard for me. I ended up just using the darker exposure and lightening the foreground in PS ..fortunately there’s enough dynamic range and detail in a D2X file that I was able to do so easily. It definitely made the processing easier to make a relatively seamless blend.

This whole digital world is moving so rapdily I can’t keep up. It’s both fascinating and oftentimes consuming, as I mentioned the other day. It allows an incredible array of options for creativity, and that is something to both embrace and be wary of. I think there’s a lot to be said for simple. Oftentimes that’s where I find myself being the ‘most’ creative, whatever that may mean. It doesn’t mean the end product is always the most visually enrapturing image one might ever see,but it’s something I find myself connecting with on the inside – a thought, an idea, a spark, that gets me interested and moves me – that’s creativity. Following that spark is art – whether we like the product or throw it in the trash.

I’ll post one more photo soon from my Denali trip in August, then I’ll move on and get to some other stuff, of places a little less frequently seen.



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