Brown Bear Photo.

A young brown bear, blondish in color, stands in Brooks River as it stalks a salmon, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

Here’s the same bear I posted the other day that was chasing the salmon. If it looks noticeably different in this picture (and it should), you can thank Nikon .. and stay tuned to a forthcoming post about that. As I said in that post, this bear was simply beautiful .. amazingly beautiful. What a treat life is to grant us the opportunities to see such creatures. I’ve only been back from my trip 2 weeks, and I already can’t wait to get back to the bears next year; I wish I hadn’t left. If you’re interested in a trip next fall to photograph these bears, drop me a note, and keep an eye on my guiding website, Expeditions Alaska for more information. It’ll definitely be a great trip.

Brown bear, Katmai National Park, Alaska.



8 thoughts on “Brown Bear Photo.

  1. Mark

    Some really cool markings on this one Carl. I like the dark patches under the eyes. WIsh I could squeeze in another round next year!!!

  2. Carl D Post author

    Hey Folks,

    Thanks all.

    Drew, I’m writing a post about the issue now .. it’ll be online in the next or 2. I want to make sure I have everything correct. It’s software related.

    Doug – thanks man .. the light was rockin’.

    Dan, this bear was a subadult, probably 4 or 5 years old.

    Ron, the front paw is the key, I think. Paul Shepard has a great book called ‘The Sacred paw’ – no truer words were spoke for a bear photographer.

    Mark, yeah, this is just a beautiful bear. Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see him filled out a little and bigger, next fall! 🙂

    Thanks again.



  3. Guy

    Carl, this is one of the most amazing bear images I have seen. The golden light and the expression on the bear’s face elevate it far above most documentary images I can think of. I can only imagine the awe you must have felt watching him in person. Beautiful work.


  4. Carl D Post author

    Hey Guy,

    Thanks so much, man, I appreciate that. I spent a lot of time with this bear, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip, for me. I mean, they’re all cool, but this guy is SO beautiful. And always seemed to behave in a way that made for some nice photos. Thank you.



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