Bremner to Tebay Trek.

Rusted moss and an unnamed peak in the Chugach Mountains, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

hey Folks,

One evening on this recent trip was gorgeous – so right after dinner I was scampering around trying to find images to make. The peak behind camp was glowing in the setting sun, and I set up along a small stream by our ‘kitchen’. This is the view east from dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many evenings like this, and this was the only we did where our camp was in a spot I could shoot something from. One evening later in the trek was simply amazing, but we’d had to camp in the middle of some brush up a small tributary stream, and compositions weren’t working for me.



8 thoughts on “Bremner to Tebay Trek.

  1. Geoff

    Great shot Carl. So that’s what you were doing camped down by the stream for so long. Thought you were just soaking your feet.

    Pity about the other campsite – guess next time the route will be up high for easier travel or low down and direct to the valley for great shots, rather than neither halfway or nor down 😉


  2. Mark

    Holy OP Cover! Dude, this is up there with a Galen shot. Could easily see this fitting in with a cover of Outdoor Photographer.

  3. Carl Donohue

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for the wrap, man, I appreciate it.

    Hey Geoff,

    Yep, I was soaking my feet, and snapping a few images at the same time. Yeah, the next night was a bummer – frustrating to have such great light down the valley, around the corner, and we were buried in the brush. 🙂



  4. Beth Lunsford

    I was studying this pic again, because it is so beautiful. This is just breathtaking, it really is.

  5. Sai

    There’s really nothing one can say about this picture, it conveys everything!!!! I wonder what would be left to photograph after seeing these amazing pictures you capture Carl :)….Even if you took me to the same spot and asked me to take this shot, I doubt if I could get the composition you have here. Fantastic!!!


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