A farewell to the Lower 48 and my folks.

mum and her friend in banff

Hey Folks

Well, this shall be my last post from the Lower 48 states, for a while at least. Tomorrow on the eve I fly to Alaska, and settle down for some winter fun. It’s been a short trip, and tons of fun with my parents – hopefully it won’t take 3 more years for me to get the chance to see them again.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Alaska, and if the weather is at all reasonable, trying to get some more images from Wrangell St. Elias. I also have a boatload of files to process, website updates to do, emails to return, and more computer stuff as well – which I’m not so eager to undertake, but, it seems, I have to. I have a ton of writing I want to, and also have had a few books recommended to me that I am keen to read. On top of that the moose rut is just starting to get underway, and that will be fun to photograph, so it seems I’ll be kept busy. I guess that’s good.

For now, I’ll just post this picture of my mum and her new friend from Banff National Park, waving us all goodbye.


Banff National Park Photos.

2 thoughts on “A farewell to the Lower 48 and my folks.

  1. Carl Donohue

    Hey Ron

    Thanks man – I’m sad too. But of course, I’m also excited to be here in AK – so that’s cool.

    A funny story I meant to include in this post above. When we were up in Denali, I ran into a photographer friend of mine, Perry, from the Netherlands, whom I first met in Katmai National Park 6 years ago. We run into each other often, in the fall, in Denali or Katmai or somewhere. So he’s talking to my mum and dad who tell him they’re my parents, and that they haven’t seen me in 3 years .. and he replies “oh, you should take up wildlife photography – I see him every year”. 🙂



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