4 Grizzly Bears

A digital composite of a grizzly bear sow and cub, flipped and doubled.
Click on the image above for a larger, more detailed version.

Hey Folks,

While I’m going through my recent images, I processed this one and thought I’d post it for kicks. It’s a simple computer trick, which even a cursory look unveils. All I did here was copy the image, flip it horizontally, and paste it alongside the original. I got a split second to shoot this scene, as the bears didn’t hold the position very long – another bear came by and the cub backed away from his nonchalant mum. I was thinking about the composite when I took the frame, remembering the shot I made a number of years back (on this page).

I don’t do a lot of this kind of photoshop trickery, but sometimes it’s fun. I’m interested to hear if folks like this image or not.




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8 thoughts on “4 Grizzly Bears

  1. Michael

    It’s always a pleasure to open my email and see that you’ve posted to your blog.

    It’s a fantastic image and I’m fine with the PS alterations.

    Mike in the bay area

  2. Ron Niebrugge

    Hey Bud!

    It is different, but I gotta admit I’m not real big on the PS creations. Cool photo though! Instead of flipping it – you should have pasted an image of you staring down the sow- now that would have been funny.

  3. Carl D Post author

    Hey Ron,

    Me on the back of the cub would be better, eh?

    hey Jon, – I actually like Johnny Hyde’s work .. but don’t worry, I’m pretty far from “that road” … in fact, I’m not even sure I can get to “that road” from here.

    Hey Michael – thanks for posting. It’s great to hear from readers who like the blog, thanks.

    Hey Musa – Paul Simon, no less.

    “A newspaper blown through the grass
    Falls on the round toes”



  4. Carl D Post author

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks man. Yeah, I wanted to keep it pretty obvious what was going on, so left it pretty simple. I also liked the symmetry that created.



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