Bald Eagle Photo Workshop

Bald Eagles Fishing. Flying. Feeding. Fighting.

The action is always a thrill. Bald eagles gather in large numbers every fall for the last great supper before they head south over the winter.  The annual count varies, but numbers as high as 3500 bald eagles along the river are not uncommon.

The eagles spend almost as much time fighting as they do feeding. It’s fascinating behavior to observe, and can make for some dynamic photo opportunities.

There’s not much activity you won’t get to see and photograph on this tour.

Our small personalized photography workshop and tour puts you and your photography in the right place. At the right time.

Upon your arrival in Haines, Alaska, we’ll pick you up, and take care of just about everything from there (meals not included). Transport. Accommodations. Instruction.

You and your camera do the rest.

Well, you and your camera and the eagles do the rest.